All ORE high-level programs are created using XOJO, a cross-platform software development tool. XOJO can produce operating-system native applications for Windows, MacOS, and many flavors of Linux.


USB-Term is a basic serial terminal program. It works very nicely with ORE AL100 and AL101 accelerometers to do device configuration. The current version comes in Mac, Windows, and Linux versions. It is now fairly old, and the Windows version exhibits false-positive virus warnings in many situatons; for example, gmail (and many institutional email systems) will not accept it as a zipped email attachment.

USB-Term will be updated from a newer version of ORE’s development system. Until then, it is available from ORE by request, but at no cost. Use the Contact form on the Contact Us page to request a copy for any of the supported operating systems.


AL-Term is a graphical user interface for the AL100. It will soon also support the AL101.

AL-Term eliminates the need to work through the fairly cryptic serial configuration system of the AL-series accelerometers. It sets most of the configuration settings by means of buttons and check-boxes. Detailed information about each setting is provided. It will also synchronize the accelerometer time and date to the time and date of the computer used to do the configuration.

Since AL-Term only supports the now obsolete AL-100 accelerometer, it is available only on request. It is likely to be of interest, in its present form, only to users of ORE AL-100 accelerometers. Use the Contact form on the Contact Us page to request a copy for MacOS, Windows, or Linux operating systems.

ORE Data Visualizer

The ORE Data Visualizer is a semi-custom software tool for analyzing and displaying accelerometer data.

For a variety of basic functions such as display of raw acceleration or acceleration spectra, the tool is free to ORE customers. For more advanced functions, there may be a cost depending on whether or not the desired functions could be useful to other customers.

In negotiated cases, ORE may release the source code for ORE Data Visualizer. The XOJO IDE allows you to run XOJO programs in “debug” mode (that is, not compiled) at no cost. This feature could allow you to modify ORE Data Visualizer, yourself, to meet your special needs without having to purchase a copy of XOJO. XOJO is much like “Visual Basic” so it is very easy to work with.

The immense power of the XOJO software development system lets us do this at little-or-no cost to you. The only thing that ORE requests is that credit be given ORE in any publication that uses or presents data obtained through ORE Data Visualizer. Use the Contact form on the Contact Us page to find out what is available now, what custom features might be incorporated, and how it might fit your needs.

Updated October 18, 2019