ORE Logging Accelerometers

ORE accelerometers are battery powered and very sensitive – ideal for tree sway measurements and monitoring of vehicles and shipped goods. Operating life is 6 weeks or more, depending on sample rate and other factors. All are IP-65 weather resistant. Data is recorded on a removable micro-SD memory card. Units are configured through a USB terminal interface. A menu-based configuration system controls operation;  a graphic user interface called AL-Term makes it even simpler.

The AL100 was ORE’s initial  offering. It provided continuous sampling at rates from 25Hz down to 0.4Hz with a typical battery life of 6 weeks at 10Hz. The AL101 is derived from the AL100 (exactly same circuit board) and provides burst sampling and battery monitoring; battery life can be several times longer, depending on the burst period and duration.

AL100 Logging Accelerometer

Battery powered, high sensitivity – ideal for tree sway measurements and monitoring of shipped goods. Operating life is six weeks, or more, depending on sample rate. 

This product is obsolete and no longer available.

AL101 Logging Accelerometer

The AL101 is like the AL100 with the addition of burst sampling, battery monitoring, better temperature recording, and optional delayed autostart. 

Price is $220 U.S. with discounts for quantity purchases. 


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Updated May 12, 2022