ORE-Term V1.0 MacOS 64-Bit ReadMe

Oregon Research Electronics

May 13, 2022

Platform Support: This version is intended to operate on Apple laptop and desktop computers that can handle 64-bit applications. This generally means High Sierra (10.13) or later. To operate on machines with Apple processors (M1 or later), the ROSETTA 2 translator application must also be installed; for download and installation instructions, see: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211861

Installation:  ORE-Term, MacOS version, is provided as a .dmg file. It can be downloaded via the Support Software page of the ORE website (http://www.orelectronics.net/support-software/)  Click the appropriate Download button; a web page saying “.dmg files cannot currently be previewed.” will appear. Click the Download button.

The disk-image file (ORE-Term_V10-64.dmg) will be copied to your Downloads folder. Double-click the downloaded dmg file; this will result in a disk icon named ORE-Term_V10-64 on your desktop. Double-click the disk icon to show a folder named ORE-Term_V0-64; drag that folder to your Applications folder. Open that folder to verify that the application is present. You may want to create an alias of the application after it has been moved; right-click on the application icon and choose make alias. Drag that alias to your preferred location such as the Dock.

First Run: The first time you try to run ORE-Term, you may get a dialog, warning that its authenticity cannot be determined. If you do, close the dialog and open System Preferences, then go to the Security and Privacy section. Click the General tab. Somewhere in that dialog, you should see “ORE-Term_V10-64.app” was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer. Click the Open Anyway button next to the text. A second Alert dialog well appear; click the Open button there, and close the System Preferences. ORE-Term should open and you should be able to run the program normally in the future.

Using ORE-Term: A built-in Help file includes detailed use instructions. It can be opened from ORE-Term Help menu and is available on the http://www.orelectronics.net/support-software/

Created May 15, 2022 – Copyright 2022 by James Wagner / Oregon Research Electronics

Updated May 18, 2022